Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stupid people bug me...

...and sometimes I can't stop myself from commenting on public displays of stupidity. For example when I riding a packed full #8 bus home the other night. A woman 2 rows in front of me got a cell phone call and answered it...not in itself stupid but the fact that the call was on speaker-phone was. So the rest of the passengers and myself were subjected to listening to her very boring phone call for 10-15 minutes. Finally I said aloud, "We can all hear your call, its on speaker phone" although it did not dissuade her from continuing her lame conversation.

Usually what happens after I have a little public outburst like this is that I feel like an asshole for saying anything in the first place. Not this time though thanks to the older gentleman that said, "Thank you young lady for saying something about that phone call, I appreciate it" as he shook my hand when he got off the bus.


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