Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Asking for a whoopin?

I think I was on a high from my bus coup the other day because I found myself debating with a really lame tagger, well I am not sure he was even a tagger so much as a vandal.
He was walking down NW 5th and Couch drawing lines as he went along on the side of a building. I stopped and gave him my meanest Stink Eye to get his attention and sure enough I got it. After he said something like, "what?" I shot back something brilliantly after-school special like, "looks pretty destructive to me". To which he responded, "so what?"

Okay, I have no response to that. He then said, "you clearly can't read Chinese." Thinking, ah I've got you now "Clearly." was my response as I walked away.

I'm not sure what compels me to make comments to others in public but I have been doing it for years and so far haven't had my ass kicked. Maybe I should be more careful, maybe I should just live and let live, perhaps tolerance is the answer for me.....naaaaa, I mean look at that "tag"...Chinese my ass.

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